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Adelaide artist Niki Sperou investigates the nexus between art, science and culture and the role of this connection in the shaping of human identity. She favours no particular medium but chooses materials and techniques which best suit her concepts. Experimental in process Sperou's work combines sculpture, textiles, photography, moving image, painting/drawing, traditional crafts, biological organisms, and lab products and processes. Influenced by her cultural background Sperou creates ‘Chimeras’ which allude to cultural hybridity, biotechnology and the fanciful object or idea.

 Since 2006, Niki Sperou has been the Artist in Residence at the Department of Medical Biotechnology, Flinders University. Exhibiting regularly since 2001 her work has included a solo exhibition for the AusBiotech 2003 Convention and a short video shown at Heath Bunting’s DIY DNA DAY in London (2004). As part of the 2004 Art of the Biotech Era project produced by the Experimental Art Foundation she participated in workshops by internationally renowned biotech artists Oron Catts and Eduardo Kac. In her text "Verisimilitude: Biotechnology and ancient Greek narrative for the Art in the Biotech Era"* Sperou explores themes which link her interest in contemporary technological innovations, the body and her own cultural background. Niki Sperou exhibited with some of Australia’s premier artists in the exhibition Undiscovered Country for the Cultural Diversity Cluster Project, part of the inaugural OzAsia Festival (2007).  Focused on the art of artefact display was her site specific installation Ethnographica produced for South Australian Museum’s Inside SAM’s Place project (2007). She also wrote an associated text for ArtsHub online magazine and conducted scientific classification workshops for students. Sperou was a core group coordinator, presenter and exhibitor in the with the body and mind, art and science event at Flinders Medical Centre (2007).

 During 2007/2008 Sperou worked on cross cultural collaborative projects with Indonesian artist Heri Dono at the University of South Australia and the Adelaide Festival Centre, and exhibited in Breeding Ground at the Jam Factory Gallery, a group exhibition based on the idea of the multiple, curated by Annabelle Collett. Early in 2009 she travelled to Greece to research the theme of identity and craftwork, and upon her return produced traditional Greek shadow puppet workshops for the Womad festival. Niki Sperou was the recipient of the 2006 Fringe Festival Individual Artist Award. With a BA (Hons First Class) in Visual Art and an Advanced Certificate in Dress Design and Garment Construction Sperou is also a freelance writer for arts and culture publications and tutors in art theory at the University of South Australia.

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