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title: Wunderkammer series;
chimera (shown), silk purse (shown), gene tailoring (not shown)
anything is possible, xenotransplants
medium: installation; 3 vitrines of textile works with pig bits

title: Chimera Series
installation; plastic tubing, pump, Lycra, pantyhose, liquid chlorophyll 
installation; acrylic, water, pantyhose, beans


title: Gene Patents; bio piracy?
medium: patent vinyl, 200kg rice
AusBiotech Convention, Adelaide Convention Centre
title: Ethnographica
Making visible techniques of display
#colonialism #whitewashingculture #art&science
medium: installation, white washed cleaning equipment, fibreglass sheeting, soft backlighting 
Pacific Gallery, South Australian Museum
Craftsouth Projects:Inside SAM's Place 2007
review: Kemp. J, Ethnographica; An exhibition reveals the bones of the museum
title: man a plant (series)
If man were like a plant he could heal himself
stem cells, rejuvenation therapies, La Metrie
2006, 2010
media: installation; agar media, drawing, plant tissue culture, glass Petri dish, aseptic technique
on lightbox plinth & digital giclée prints
title: ritual and repetition
medium: installation
exhibition: Breeding ground 
Jam Factory, Adelaide, South Australia
title: Unclaimed
medium: travel trunk, grass
exhibition: Golden Fleece: Tales of Travel and Desire
Prospect Gallery, Prospect, South Australia

title: Chimera series, blood flowers
2003, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017
medium: installation; white carnations, blood, glass vessel on light box plinth
 & digital giclée prints
SASA Graduates Show, SASA Gallery, South Australian school of Art, 2004
Energy: Resistance and subversion, SeaFair Festival, MOMA Skopje, North Macedonia, 2011
Matrix: the body as scaffold for the methodologies and metaphors of science, solo exhibition, Gallery 1855, Adelaide Australia, 2016
SAHMRI, South Australian Medical Research Foundation, 2017
title: Preserves; fix, stain, embed, section
date: 2012
medium: mixed media installation
Royal Institution Australia
Domestic + Science Exhibition
# histology #homescience 

title: Matrix (detail of complete skeleton) 2015-2016 medium: pipe-cleaners, salt, hospital bed

title: Trust
medium: antibiotic, paper, E.coli bacteria, agar media, glass Petri dish, (antibiotic resistance via Zones of Inhibition)
Toxicity exhibition, conference and Zones of Inhibition workshop, Video Pool, Winnipeg Canada
review: Artlink magazine: Sperou N, Toxicity: An exhibition curated by Melentie Pandilovski and Jennifer Willet, 1 Sept 2014
article: Kohut T, Bio Art and the Biotechnological Singularity, 2015

title: The colonised body (detail)
colonialism, bio-colonialism, human microbiome, biodiversity, antibiotic resistance
medium: installation; textile, glass vessels, sprouted seeds, Winogradsky columns
SALA Festival South Australian Medical Health and Research Institute (SAHMRI) Residency
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